Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Relative's June Birthday

Happy Birthday Tracy Share!
You Were Born In June of 1974.
You Are My Sister's Third and Last Daughter.
Six Months After You Were Born You Flew West To Arizona With Your Mom and Grandfather.
We Carried You Across The Border At Nogales, Mexico.
Looks Like It Was Very Cold.
We All Were Wearing Winter Coats.
Jack and I Introduced You To Our Two Babies:
Shiloh and Tough Cat.
Look At Little You.
Even At Six Months You Had Flaming Red Hair!
And Here You Are Goofing Off By Our Fireplace With Grandpa.
So Cute!

Now You Are Married With Two Children Of Your Own.
In This Pic You Are With Husband Keith and Son Justin.
So Happy, Happy Birthday Tracy.


fishing guy said...

Joan: Neat memories in this post.

DragonQuilter said...

Loved the photos and the history!