Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Bucket List

June 21, 2009
Father's Day
The First Day of Summer
The Longest Day of the Year
Summer is finally here and it will go by fast so let's make ourselves a summer bucket list. Ten things you want to accomplish or do before summer leaves us at the end of the third week of September.

Take time today since it will be a long day to complete your list. Put the list on the fridge. Check it each Sunday. Each time you complete a bucket task cross it off the list. If you complete all ten items, you have had a great, great summer.

I'm starting my bucket list now. Here's three:
1. Attend the Folklife Festival sponsored by the Smithsonian Museum.
2. Watch fireworks on the Fourth of July.
3. Take Jack Aidan to the baby pool and watch him play in the baby pool.

If you have a great summer idea for the bucket list, leave a comment here.


DragonQuilter said...

Set up sprinklers for Jack Jr and show him how to run through them!! And let me know so I can get my camera for that one!!

Linda Reeder said...

My list is in progress:
Already done - new front porch, removed dying cherry trees, three weeks with grand kids, defrost freezer
This week - have house painted (pressure washing today)
To come - another visit with grandkids, continue touring gardens, raise and harvest raspberries and vegies, read books, sit in my own garden, go for evening walks.

Oops. I think that's more than ten, but not nearly the whole list.