Sunday, June 7, 2009

Looking Thru The Peek Hole

Looking Thru The Peek Hole.

Shhhhhhh! Here She Comes!

Surprise! Surprise!

Come In Krista!

This Is Your Surprise Baby Shower!

All These Presents Are For Noah Lee Goff

Who Is Due To Arrive August 5, 2009.

And Look, Here's A Noah's Ark Gift Bag!

Here Are The Party Favors.

And Here Are More Presents For Baby Noah!

Oh, I Wonder What's Inside Of These Boxes?

But Let's Have A Hearty Brunch First.

A Momma-to-be Is Eating For Two

So Pass Those Chocolate Covered Strawberries and English Scones.
Stop! Stop!

Don't Try To Eat That Pretty Cake!

It Is A Fake!

It Is A Pampers Diaper Cake!

Oh, My How Adorable!

Now, You May Open Little Noah's Presents

While We All Watch And Oohh And Awwww.

And Enjoy The Nice June Sunshine On The Deck.

Perfect Day.

Perfect Weather. Not Raining. Not Too Hot. Not Too Cold. Just Right.
Perfect Baby Shower.

Joann's Comment: Krista is the daughter of Jim and Joyce of Rehoboth Beach Delaware, formerly of Fairfax Station, Virginia. Jack and I have watched Krista grow up.
The lady in the black jacket in the photo above is Krista's mother, Joyce. Clicking here will take you to the blog I wrote last September when Krista and Josh tied the knot in Warrenton, Virginia:
Krista was a beautiful bride and she will be a beautiful new mother this August. And Krista, remember that we are headed to the warm days of summer and early fall so please take it easy, just like Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong are saying on my Playlist while singing that summer classic song, Summertime.


Linda Reeder said...

A beautiful party for a beautiful occasion.
A Pampers cake?????

Anonymous said...

Good for her. Lots of nice gifts. A time to give and not receive. Blessings.

Our Flower Pot

Wanda said...

What a wonderful surprise party.

Love all your pictures.