Monday, June 15, 2009

Party #1 Saturday With Family

Party #1 Saturday With Family
Jack Aidan Stops B-Ball To Check Out The Celebration Cake.
Celebration Cake
Belated Mothers Day
Early Fathers Day
Joann's Birthday
Jennifer's Birthday
I Can See - I Must Not Touch

A Birthday Pose
A Lull In The Festivities
Time To Try On Grandma's Flipflops

Here Comes Grandma Now!
I Can't Run Away Fast In These Flipflops.
Now I'm Being Extra Good.
Time To Watch The Opening Of The Presents.

I Can Use The Boxes For
A Down Dog Yoga Box Dance.

And I Can Be The Paper Boy.
Pick Up, Pick Up!

All This Nonsense My Buddy Merlin the Cat
Takes In Stride.

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