Thursday, June 11, 2009

Virginia Is The New Soggy Seattle

Check it out.
It's Raining Again.
As Jack Aidan might say: "Again,again, again."
But I'm tired of all this rain. Jack and I have lived in Virginia for almost 30 years now and we both can never remember such a wet, wet spring. The trees and plants are getting waterlogged.
Then when it blows it is easy for a big old tree to fall over. That's what happened to that linden tree on the White House lawn this past week.
These photos are of my front door patio. I used to have a beautiful purple clematis around that light pole but it up and died this spring. Maybe too much rain is to blame. Either that or these plants just want to keep me on my toes.
In the meantime the hosta is starting to bloom. You know what that means. The deer will soon be visiting and dining on hosta blooms. I wish I was Mr. McGregor. He only had to chase away a little brown bunny. And yes, we do have those brown bunnies doing the bunny hop thru our flowerbeds. Moral of this story: If you can't fight it, try to see the bright side and enjoy it. Our water bill will be a lot less this spring and deer and bunnies are fun to watch.


Linda Reeder said...

Here in sunny Seattle we haven't had rain for four weeks! We are having to water regularly. It's going to be your problem in reverse!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful lush green garden. The variety of flowres is good.