Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday To Debbie

I Want To Wish DebbieA Happy, Happy Birthday!

She was born in 1962. That was the year I graduated from high school in May and my sister Mary Ellen got married in August. But between my graduation and Mary Ellen's wedding in August baby Debbie made her appearance in the world. Debbie was not even a year old when she started making trips to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio to visit her Aunt Annie. In the above photo Debbie is in the family swing on the farm with a soybean field in the background.

Here is Debbie in an early family photo. Front row from left to right: Debbie, Esther and Carl. Back row from left to right: Kenny, Greg and Tom. This was the era of polyester suits and wide ties.

This photo was taken at the family farmhouse. Debbie was holding my older daughter Jennifer who was almost three years old.

This photo was taken in August of 1980 at the Shelby County Fair. Debbie is standing by her Dad, Carl. Debbie here was a sweet 16 and had been chosen that June for the Little Miss Chick Court for Poultry Days in Versailles, Ohio.

Here is Debbie on her wedding day in June of 1989 at St. Remys Church. I love that wedding gown with row after row of ruffles that Debbie wore. I also like all the heart shaped silk floral bouquets that Debbie made herself for her wedding. This was the era of big curly hair ala Linda Evens and the TV show Dynasty.

Debbie loves to travel and in this photo she was in Denver, Colorado with her daughter Marissa to visit her Godfather Harold Gariety who resided in Denver till his death in 1999.

Debbie is my point person for news about reltives around Russia and Versailles, Ohio. So I need to shower her with lots of posted photos of herself on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Debbie. Enjoy your special day with your husband Jeff and your children Marissa and Brandon. And thank you for being my Ohio news source.

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Patty said...

Happy Birthday Debbie. Our one daughter was also born in 1962 at Wayne Hospital in Greenville, but on March 7, 1962.