Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Grandchild Is A Rock and Roll Boy

Our Grandson Is A Rock and Roll Boy

Our grandson just returned last Thursday from a great week up on Cape Cod----Barnstable, Massachusetts to be exact. He was with his Mom Jennifer and his Dad Terry and they were visiting Terry's parents as well as the Karras cousins. A good time was had by the whole Cape Cod clan. Especially when the three little cousins got together in Grandpa Karras's house to put on a music concert.
The Music Trio
Mia: "I'm a little bit country. I sing back up for my brother, Big Jack."
Our Grandson Jack: "I'm a little bit rock and roll. Think Nirvana and guitar smashing."
Cousin Jack: "I'm a big boy. I'm three years old and I weigh 54 pounds. I could be a
a football linebacker for the New England Patriots but I really want to
be the new Brad Paisley. Let me tell you I've been trying to sing like him
ever since I was a baby and I uttered my first word which was Brad. The
Karras family has given me my own guitar, cowboy boots, cowboy hat
and sound system. I'm ready to perform."
Mia: "I'm not sure if I want to be a back up country singer or a high school principal
like my Dad. And I don't have cowboy boots so I wear my red snow boots."
Our Grandson Jack: "Well, I like listening to Johnny Cash. In fact one of my first
words was Cash, short for Johnny Cash."
Mia: " Double click on the blog site below and then go to the second video Aunt Jenn
has posted. Hope you enjoy our country concert. Someone said that if we keep
practicing we might get good enough to perform someday at the Country Concert
in the Hills near Fort Loromie, Ohio. I think this coming Sunday Brad Paisley
will be in Fort Loromie performing."
Cousin Jack: "Brad Paisley! Mom, call the airport. I want to go to Fort Laromie and
see Brad Paisley."

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Wanda said...

What a darling Rock and Roll Boy.

Will check out jenn blogspot.