Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It Comes In Threes

They say it comes in threes. Well, I guess it has. This summer the home break downs have come in threes. First, Memorial Day weekend when I had house guests the air conditioning up and quit. It took about five days to find and get a repairman to fix it. Then last week both the refrigerator and the dishwasher in the kitchen stopped working. We have been trotting down to the basement each day to put food in the extra fridge we keep there just for "crisis use" and we have been washing all our dishes by hand. I forgot what that was like! It takes time and I think more water and soap. So yesterday we had two different Sears repairman at our door. It cost $70 just to have them come out to the house to tell you what your problem is and then it cost a lot more for them to fix the problem. Jack was hoping that one man could repair both items but no such luck. So twice yesterday we paid $70 for that Sears truck to pull into our driveway. But now we have a refrigerator that keeps food cool in the hot summer heat and a dishwasher that not only stores dirty dishes but washes and rinses them too. So I hope we have no more "it comes in threes" this summer. By the way, do you like my little black French frogs sitting by the front step? I 'm so grateful that I once again have working appliances that I feel like hopping around like a frog chasing a bug. Now look below.
Jennifer had these yellow lilies at her old house and they were gorgeous. We'll have to plant some Asiatic lilies at her new home soon. Have a great Wednesday everyone. As for me I'm going to put some food in the fridge and throw some dirty dishes in the dishwasher today.

Final thought: The second Sears repairman who has been doing this line of work for over 31 years after being an electrician for ten years was quite a talker and he talked the whole time that he was working. He said that a lot of people today who are going to college but then having a hard time finding a job afterwards might just be better off attending a good trade school to become a electrician, plumber, heating and cooling technician, etc. But he noted that you have to be willing to go to work every day and work hard for long hours.
This man lives near Winchester, VA and he stated that it is hard to find the average white American willing to do his work. His company that gets hired out to Sears for these repairs has begun to train men from El Salvador to do this work. He said that the El Salvadorans are such hard workers that they just keep working and working till they get the job done while the white Americans are always demanding 30 minute breaks twice a day and asking for extra days off. And on top of that the white Americans usually quit after only a month or two on the job. Makes you stop and think. What does this portend for the future of our country? Not good.

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