Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday July 26

This is the last Sunday in July for 2009. Wow! Summer is flying by quickly. It is also the last day for the famous Tour de France Bike Race for 2009. I have enjoyed watching the riders bike thru France. Beautiful landscapes from the mountain alps to the flat farmlands featured each day and charming old towns and villages in the midst of it all. My favorite day was when the riders rode thru French-Comte where both my material and paternal ancestors immigrated to the U.S. Both the Dapores (Despoires) and Garietys (Cariteys) came from Frahier, France which is in French-Comte and not far from the city of Besencon, France where the race rode thru the city and to the finish line for the day. I've learned that Besencon has been a famous clockmaking center in Europe for generations. Probably because French-Comte is very close to Swizerland which is also a famous clockmaking center for Europe.

Since I'm talking about my French ancestry I want to acknowledge a lady from my home town of Russia, Ohio who is doing research on the local St. Remy Catholic Cemetery in Russia, Ohio. Becky Plieman is the lady's name and she hopes to create an online database for the local church that will include the names of all those buried in St. Remy's Cemetery with history and photos. Quite a big project to say the least. But Becky has come across some interesting info.

The first person to be buried at St. Remy's is a man by the name of Pierre Joseph Stanislas Roy (Roi) who was buried in 1852. Pierre Roy was from Belfort, France ((I've been to Belfort!) and came by ship to America in 1848. While on the ship Pierre's son, Stanislas Roy, was born. Stanislas Roy grew up in Ohio and became a soldier. He fought with General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn and was one of the few to live to tell about it. He also served with the military in Maryland, Missouri, Arizona and Cuba. I believe that Stanislas Roy is buried in a cemetery in Greenville, Ohio.

I love history and research and can't wait to find out what Becky Pleiman discovers next. And if by chance you have some info on St. Remy cemetery and the people buried there that you think might be of interest to Becky in her research please contact her by snail mail. I know any letter addressed to Becky Pleiman, Russia, Ohio would reach her because it is a small village post office.

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