Monday, July 6, 2009

Old Family Photos Featuring Paul

The Earlist Photo I Have Of My Three Older Brothers

Paul standing, nickname Pup.
Carl kneeling, nickname Doc.
Harold sitting, nickname Little Joe.

Notice in the fenced house yard all the milk buckets drying upside down on the milk bucket tree.

Our First Family Photo Taken at English Photo Studio in Sidney, Ohio

This photo was taken when my parents thought that Paul would be called up for military service since World War II was still raging in both Europe and the Pacific. First row left to right: Carl, Mary Ellen and Harold. Second row left to right: Paul, Dad holding Joann and Mom.

Look what a chubby baby I was! In spite of the fact that I had whooping cough when I was just six months old; my mother couldn't nurse me; I refused baby formula and so I was fed unpasteurized cow's milk from our farm dairy. And look how handsome my Father looks in this photo. My Father was 41 at the time and he certainly shows no sign of middle age weight gain. I always look at this photo though and think that my Mother looks both very worried and very sad in this picture.

Paul Home On Leave Holding Me In His Lap

This was the fall of 1950 and I was in first grade. I think Paul looks very handsome in the picture. As for me my mother took my long hair and rolled it in rags to create that sausage curl look. And the top knot was a curl she did for me with some of my hair. Funny thing: in third grade I got to sing a solo song (Mockingbird Hill ) for a school assembly. But the catholic nuns at my school insisted that my mother get rid of that top knot curl that they disliked. So she did. My top knot curl became history.

Visiting Paul At Camp Atterbury in Indiana the Fall of 1950

First Row: Harold and Paul.
Second Row: Dad, Joann and Mom.
Mary Ellen and Carl must have stayed home to milk the dairy cows.

Paul's Wedding Picture

Paul returned from Korea and soon met Iona Brunswick and wed her on September 8, 1954 in Egypt, Ohio.

Left to right: Eva Brunswick, MaryEllen, Iona, Brunswick, Paul, Joann and Donald. My other two brothers missed this wedding. Harold was stationed in Sendai, Japan with the Army and Carl was stationed with the Air Force at Roswell Air Force Base in New Mexico.

My Three Brothers Proudly Wearing Their Military Uniforms

The occasion was an outdoor mass at the grotto at St. Remys in Russia for Memorial Day. This was an occasion for all the St. Remy Catholic War Veterans to attend mass as a group at the outdoor grotto. Those men who no longer could fit in their military uniform wore a suit and just the cap from their uniform. Eventually my three brothers fell into that category. LOL!

The Three Brothers With Their Father At Michigan State For An Important Football Game: Michigan State vs. Ohio State!

Left to right: Harold, Paul, Carl and Leo in the era of short hair and narrow ties.

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Patty said...

Abe said to ask Harold (I think he's the one that was stationed in Sendai, Japan) if he remembers Col. Houser? Abe was also in Japan during 53-56.