Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sidney, Ohio Part II

This is the city: Sidney, Ohio.
And this is the best restaurant in the city: The Spot.
Look at that sign above the entrance. It stands for the founder of the restaurant: Spot Miller.
The sign also looks like a big black vinyl 33 and 1/3 record.
Let's go inside.

Take a look at this.
This place screams 1955 and teeny boppers and sock hops.
I almost expected Fonzi to swagger in after parking his motorcycle on the square.
And look at the pics on the wall.
This place is so famous locally that it has many different awards and art work created
to immortalize it.
I tried to take some pics of the art work but there obviously was way too much light, glare and shine all around.
Even the red vinyl chairs were giving off sparks in my viewfinder.
It was our first visit to The Spot so Jack went up to order some burgers while I found us a big old
vinyl booth. That's when I learned from the couple sitting across from us that the day's special was tenderloin sandwiches.
Tenderloin sandwiches!
They don't make those in old Virginia.
They don't know how to make those in old Virginia.
They have never ever heard of tenderloin sandwiches in old Virginia!
So I ran quick, caught Jack and had him switch our order from hamburgers to tenderloins.
Now look below.
Doesn't that just warm your heart and make your mouth drool.
Paula Dean would have a food fit if she saw this.
A tenderloin sandwich.
First, check out the size of that sucker.
That is a normal size hamburger bun cut in half that is failing to cover this big daddy.
Second, look at the nice red check wrapper that covers the red plastic food basket.
Ain't she pretty. Just makes you dream of 1955 and your youth.
Enough looking and drooling.
Grab that piggy and dive into it.
Now it ain't easy.
Those suckers are huge.
Each of the tenderloin halves was as big as Jack's hand!
Try sticking that in your mouth with your teeny tiny bun holding it all together.
But it sure is worth it. Soooooooooooooooo good!
Now that's hog heaven.
I did a quick people check around the room and noticed that most of the other customers
were having the tenderloin sandwichs too.
I don't know if they have the tenderloin sandwiches just on Friday or what
but all you folks living in southwest Ohio need to put The Spot on your To Visit List.
Oh, and you can finish your meal with a piece of pie. I had peach. Jack had cherry.


Anonymous said...

Well, I have been taken in by some extra large, wash tub size, breaded tenderloin sandwiches. Paper thin with lots of crust cooked in the french fry grease. Not bad though. I will eat them but almost always order a grilled tenderloin so I can see what I am getting. I figure there is a reason for all that breading and it might not be good. LOL

I hope you guys enjoyed your sandwiches.

Thank you very much for visiting my Brookville Daily Photo blog and for the comment you left me there.
Brookville Daily Photo

Denise said...

Oh I am soooooooooooo hungry for that food!!! What a wonderful place to visit.

Charles said...

Thanks for the Spot interior pic.I like that old style too. I'm from Greenville & miss the Maidrites. Had some last summer,during Great Darke County Fair. I love the Italian sausage at fair & wife gets the tenderloin like your pic that makes us hungry. It's odd how you can't get some things all over U.S. Also miss rhubarb pie & beef manhatten here in Texas. We lived right by fairgrounds until '76 & went almost everyday.