Thursday, April 7, 2011

Battle-Friedman Home Built In 1835

Battle-Friedman Home
Built in 1835
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Located Near The University of Alabama
The view of the front of the house from the grounds landscaped with bricks, crepe myrtle trees, hollies and ground cover.
Here's the plaque on the grounds by the front door that gives a little bit of the history of this home.
White azaleas in bloom graced the front side of the house near the street.
This is another southern plantation house that used the New York "brownstone" decorative motif. I like the old black iron pots filled with green ferns.
Here is another view of the front porch. You can tell these are iron planters because you can see where they have left rust marks on the porch floor.
On the front porch we found this beautiful antique black wrought iron bench done in a lacy pattern.
This huge old white dogwood tree was in bloom on one side of the house.
I admired this very old crepe myrtle tree with peeling red bark in a bed of pachysandra that I found on the grounds.

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