Friday, April 1, 2011

Stanton Hall Built In 1857

Stanton Hall Built In 1857
Natchez, Mississippi
We fell in love with the beautiful white exterior of this plantation home. Doesn't it remind you of Tara in the movie Gone With The Wind? Apparently the movie, Gone With The Wind, that was released in the 1930's had a tremendous influence on the exterior style of these old plantation homes. Many plantation owners painted the exteriors of their homes white to look like Tara after the movie made the house color white so popular.
This is the front of the house as it faces the street in Natchez. The house is much longer than it is wide. In fact the house is so long that on one side of the center hall there is a rare triple parlor decorated in gold and white with many original furnishings. It is a beautiful room but we were not allowed to take any photos inside the house so consequently I have no pictures of the interior to share with you.
This is a side view of the back of the house where we discovered a huge old oak tree as well as a building used as a restaurant on the grounds. This home had been used for many years in the second half of the twentieth century as an inn. As you go through the upstairs bedrooms the guide will point out the bedroom where General Douglas McArthur stayed with his wife and the bedroom where McArthur's son stayed when they attended one of the Spring Natchez Plantation Pilgrimages. It now is no longer used as an inn.

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