Friday, April 8, 2011

Shipleys, Shipley Do-Nuts and The Cutest Shiz-zhu

Shipleys, Shipley Do-Nuts and The Cutest Shiz-zhu Dog!
While we were in Mississippi we stopped in and visited with Jack's sister Marilyn who is a professor at Delta State in Mississippi. What a cute little dog she has! It is so loving too.
This "plantation" home belongs to Jack's sister Marilyn. This is a modern house style commonly found today in the Mississippi delta. It is a large ranch style house with the tall black hip roof, all brick construction, nine foot ceilings and lots of crown moulding. Very nice.
There are several towns in Mississippi that are home to a Shipley Do-Nuts. Naturally we had to stop and try to get some Shipley Do-Nuts since our last name is Shipley. However, the one we saw was closed. Jack's sister explained that these do-nuts are extra sweet so it is just like eating candy.
I think Jack would have liked them.
Oh dear, sorry you were closed.
Oh well, I guess you saved our waistlines!

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Melinda said...

yum I could go for a donut and cup of coffee right now!