Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lunch In Selma, Alabama's Downtowner Restaurant

Lunch In Selma, Alabama's Downtowner Restaurant
How can you tell that you are in a small town?
When you are eating in a cafe and the locals ask you where you are from,
what you are doing here,
and where are going next.
That's exactly what happened to us when we ate in this cafe.
I told Jack we better eat up and get out of town before they publish our pictures
in the local Selma newspaper with the headline: Out of Town Folks In Selma This Week.
Southern food for Jack: fried chicken livers, fried green tomatoes,
pea casserole? and a baked apple.
Southern food for Joann: turkey with dressing and cranberry jelly,
fried green tomatoes, buttered lima beans and that pea casserole.

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