Saturday, April 9, 2011

Civil War Battlefield: Vicksburg, Mississippi

Civil War Battlefield: Vicksburg, Mississippi
May 18 - July 4, 1863
General Grant's Siege of Vicksburg
Jack and I stopped in Vicksburg on the way to Delta State to tour the Vicksburg Civil War Battlefield. We saw lots of cannons, lots of monuments and lots of green grass where 17,000 Union soldiers are buried. The Confederate soldiers who fought at Vicksburg are not buried at this national park. The Confederate dead were brought back to the city of Vicksburg and buried at a city cemetery.
You can take the 17 mile drive or the shorter 11 mile drive through the park.
We took the 11 mile drive.
You will see lots of obelisk monuments with maidens on the front in the park.
This grand memorial is for southern soldiers from the state of Tennessee who died fighting.
This memorial is for southern soldiers from Arkansas who died fighting.
There were lots of statues for soldiers from either the north or the south. Most of these statues showed the men with beards and mustaches.
Since I was born in Ohio I had to take a photo of this Ohio memorial to fallen Ohio Union troops. There was one Gariety relative that I know who fought on the side of the north in the civil war.
A lone cannon on a hill in the park.
Sad to think that so many had to die in this civil war.

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