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My World Tuesday = Bellingrath Gardens 1982 and 2011

My World Tuesday = Bellingrath Gardens
Bellingrath House and Gardens
First Tour July 1982
Second Tour March 2011
Sometimes it is fun to return to a tourist site that you had visited long ago. In the summer of 1982 Jack and I with our two young daughters were fortunate to be able to spend two weeks in New Orleans while Jack was on a trip for the federal government. Jack took leave from his job coming and going to New Orleans. I remember that we took four days to get to Jack's job in New Orleans and that on the way we made several tourist stops.

One that we have always had very fond memories of was our stop in Theodore, Alabama to tour Bellingrath House and Gardens. In the photo above and the first five below you will see how Bellingrath looked in 1982. In the last series of photos you will see how Bellingrath looked in 2011.

This home was built after the gardens were created so the gardens have always been the main focal point. But my how the trees, shrubs and perennial plants have grown and multiplied in thirty years time. If the house was nestled in the landscaped in 1982, then it is almost hidden by the landscape in 2011.
Bellingrath House and Gardens
July 1982
Jeanine and Jack climbing the stairs from the lake garden.
Jeanine touching the Rebecca At The Well monument in the garden.
Yours truly standing by one of the early water features of the garden.
Jack helping the girls cool off in the Japanese garden.
Jack and the girls cooling their heels in the koi pond.
Bellingrath House and Gardens
March 2011
A French Colonial Style House Surrounded By Trees, Flowers, and Bayous
Take A Look Below

Jack discovered the azealeas now were taller than he.
People were still enjoying the old water features.
This path still led to a dock where you could pay to ride a boat on the bayou.
The camillas were in bloom in March but not in July.
They look pretty like a rose but they don't smell like a rose.
They hardly smell at all.
Spring flowers were in bloom now.
I like blue flowers.
The former carriage house still had the world's largest display of Boehm
porcelain wildlife figures and china plates.
Here's more Boehm porcelain on display.
These are porcelain Boehm birds.
I thought of Old Man Lincoln of Brookville, Ohio when I took this photo of the birds.
Abe Lincoln is quite a bird photographer.
Jack admired the terrace gardens near the house.
I enjoyed taking a sunny break on the old and highly decorative wrought iron furniture.
These flowerpots leading to the house had red dianthus in bloom
and Easter lilies about to bloom.
This view of the house was as pretty as ever.
This small personal catholic chapel was not open to the public in 1982.
The grand lawn was still grand and still in bloom.
Here is another view of the grand lawn.
Pink azealeas bordered parts of the edge of the bayou.
Here's a view of the bayou walkway.
This is the same water feature that I stood by in 1982.
Japanese wisteria was in bloom in March.
The water fountain was still bubbling.
Here's where Jeanine touched the Rebecca At The Well monument in 1982.
I enjoyed this red archway in the Japanese garden.
I don't remember seeing that in 1982.
I don't remember this grove of bamboo in 1982 either.
Well, like I stated at the beginning of this blog it sometimes is fun to visit a tourist site that you visited long ago. Thank you for visiting my blog. Now please go visit some other My World Tuesday memes by clicking on the My World Tuesday sign up on the right hand side of this blog.


Rinkly Rimes said...

What a lovely way of presenting a well-loved venue! And I can understand your appreciation. It looks a delightful place.

Arija said...

A wonderful garden and trip indeed. Amazing what money can do if you have it in abundance. The upkeep alone takes many gardeners, I know, I was a slave to our 3 acre garden on top of Mt.Lofty above adelaide and just about killed myself keeping it in shape only to hear visitors say "oh, what a lovely easy-care garden!"!!!

PS seems not just the gardens have grown some, so have the visitors. You both look a lot more 'comfortable' now.

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous captures and such fun to see the "then and the now"!! Great post for the day! Hope you have a great week!


Larry D said...

Great post! I really enjoyed this.

Lew said...

Great shots! And nice memories. It is especially nice when the return trip is as great as you remembered.

Riet said...

What lovely memories and I love the way you show your photo's.

Shrqz said...

You have very nice entry. amazing. the place is very beautiful.

Followed your blog here Hope you can visit Picture My World for My World Tuesday

Photograteur said...

Unbelievable: those of 1982 look quite fresh.