Sunday, April 10, 2011

Former Governor's Mansion of Louisiana

Former Governor's Mansion Of Louisiana
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Designed and Constructed By Huey P. Long
Does this building remind you of another famous American residence? Supposedly Huey P. Long had this governor's residence constructed to resemble the White House in Washington D.C. in hopes that if he won the U.S. presidency he would already know the floor plan of the White House. Truth or fiction? I don't know. But this is a pretty building. Huey P. Long was assassinated in the old former state capitol building in Baton Rouge.
If the above speculation about why this home was built is true, I guess this wing would resemble the east wing where the President has his oval office.

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Dave Velasco said...

The former governor sure has a good taste for mansions huh. I like it. Wish it was mine.

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