Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who Is This?

This is a bust of a country singer who hailed from Montgomery, Alabama.
He died in the back seat of his blue Cadillac convertible car in 1953 of a heart attack
at the very young age of twenty nine.
He recorded the hit song Your Cheatin Heart.
Who was he?
Look below.

While in Montgomery, Alabama we spent a half hour touring this small quaint museum
dedicated to promoting the memory of Hank Williams.
Are you old enough to remember when every joint and honky tonk bar had a jukebox? It was a social gathering. Today everyone has their own music on their Ipod so they don't have a chance to gather like folks in the last century used to do around a jukebox. Too bad.

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Denise said...

I was going to say Hank Williams. We have a big fan in our family who would enjoy this museum very much. Wonderful tour, thank you.