Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bryan Is Back!!!!!

Just want to say that Jeanine's beau, Bryan, is back in Northern Virginia. Our daughter went down on Sunday to get him at West Point High School. There was a very brief ceremony and then the all the Virginia Guard was released to meet their love ones. Bryan did the driving heading back up interstate #95. The kids are happy. Saturday they plan to go tubing on the James River with friends. Then Sunday Jeanine has been invited to go with Bryan's family to Orlando, Florida for a week of fun at DisneyWorld. If anyone deserves a week at Disneyworld it is Bryan who completed his second tour in Iraq. Want to end this post with a thought. Every day say a prayer for our fighting men and women who are giving their TODAYS for our TOMORROWS. Everyone should support our troops no matter what your political leanings in this presidential election are. And say many, many prayers for the families who cannot greet their loved ones because the soldiers gave their lives in support of the U.S. war effort in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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fishing guy said...

J&J: Thank God he came back safely.