Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Incredulous News

Baby Jack had been babbling dadadada and mamamama for quite some time but he hadn't really communicated with a real first word that we could recognize till Monday's Blast From the Past event. (See yesterday's post).

While Jenn went to call Terry Monday morning to see how the workers were doing laying the cherry hardwood floors Jack and I took little Jack to our patio because he loves the outdoors and it was still cool at that hour. (Later in the day we reached 92 degrees.) Jack was holding him at the patio table when he spied our little cat statue. He pointed at it and said plain as day: "Cat!" He smiled and said it again. When we relayed this breaking baby news to our daughter Jenn she simply couldn't believe it. You mean this baby that has lived for nine months in and almost 12 months out, chooses cat as his first word. Unbelievable. And Terry was incredulous too.
But later in the day Baby Jack spotted another little cat statue under a table in our dining room and said the word cat again. Jenn and Terry are still incredulous. They can't believe that Jack might like their house cat, Mr. Merlin Cat, better than them. We tried to explain that that first word can be absolutely anything besides Mom or Dad. So here's a question for you. Did someone write down your first word? If so, what was it? Or if you are a parent, can you remember that first word that your child spoke? If so, what was it?


Anonymous said...

"cat" is a very cute first word! And how clever of him to connect the furry, moving creature in his home to your statue.

Regan's first word was "hi!" and Declan's was "MORE!"

I can't remember the rest!! Hopefully I wrote it down somewhere.


fishing guy said...

J&J: That would have to be a question for the wife. I can't even remember the first word I said today. LOL