Sunday, July 13, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

When it rains it pours parties. Today is Sunday and today we are heading out to our third party for this weekend. Today we are celebrating Baby Jack's first birthday at our daughter's home. But let me post some photos of the bridal shower I attended Saturday in a former old Victorian home in Fairfax, Virginia. This place is called the Sweet Life Cafe and the bridal shower was for Krista, the daughter of very good friends of ours, who will be tying the knot this September. In the eighth photo down is a girl standing and directing us in playing a bridal shower game which by the way yours truly won! Anyway this girl is an army captain and she has just returned from serving a year in Iraq. And Krista planned her wedding date so that her good friend would be home from Iraq and able to be in the wedding party. When I spoke to this girl she said that while she was in Iraq she experienced 31 days of temps above 130 degrees! Wow! In the fourth photo down sitting at Krista's table is my very, very good friend Joyce who will be the mother of the bride come September. And next to Joyce is Joyce's sister Franny. The bridal shower was lovely as is the bride-to-be. And it was great fun to re-connect with some old neighbors of Joyce. So now we have a fall wedding to look forward to attending in Warrenton, VA at an antibellum mansion. Friends, click on each photo for more detail in each picture. There you go.


Anonymous said...

Gosh. Everything looks so neat. And I see some people are smiling and nobody is asleep.

Yes, I was the first kid in Darke County, Ohio to wear a Mohawk haircut and almost got suspended. There was a famous Indian wrestler in those days whose trademark was the Mohawk and I loved it.

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Thanks again.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Wanda said...

These are wonderful pictures. Looks like everyone is having such a good time.

BTW ~~ Love that tea cup~~~