Friday, July 25, 2008

Something In Common With John McCain

Yesterday John McCain was in Columbus,Ohio and ate at Schmidts Sausage Haus. Jack programs our navigation system in our Honda to take us to the Sausage Haus every time we are cruising west on interstate #70 to Dayton, Ohio. So I guess we have one thing in common with John McCain. We like those German sausages with all the fixings in the old German Village. We also like to wash down the food with a Schmidts Beer on tap. I wonder if John McCain had a tall one? And I wonder if he had his photo op with the faceless Germans in the wooden cutout? Jack took this photo of the Sausage Haus in April of 2007 and as you can see I didn't pose with the faceless Germans in the wooden cutout.

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fishing guy said...

J&J: The German Village is a fun place to visit while in Columbus. Glad that you posted your photos.