Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2008

This couple was one of the few adults willing to try some Texas swing dancing on the dance floor in the Texas Dance Hall tent. The lady who had to be in her middle seventies danced with all the willing old guys. Her t-shirt said Oklahoma but the Texas band let her dance. In fact, they dedicated a number to her.

This black folk group was from Austin, Texas and was called Le Amis Creole and as the name implies they sang in French songs that you would more expect to hear in Louisiana than Texas. But I guess music travels and knows no borders. The gentleman in the middle with the little squeezebox could really sing and hit the high notes.

Click on pics to get a better view of the people.


fishing guy said...

J&J: What a fun place to be and it looks like great entertainment.
I am going to see Tim McGraw tomorrow night.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

More power to the older lady dancing with every man that was willing. Actually she has on shoes that look like what my Mother who is going on 86, wears.

Thanks for sharing and also thanks for your visits and comments.

Wanda said...

Well, I might have just joined her if I was there....Looks like her feet are moving pretty fast...

Fun pictures and interesting faces when you click on the pics.