Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do You Remember Dick, Jane and Sally?

Did you learn to read from the a little Scott Foresman primer that had three main characters who were all white and all middle class and all in town dwellers? I did in first grade. And I thought they were so cute and so adorable and so lucky to live in town instead of on a dairy farm. And my favorite one was Baby Sally! Here are some lines that I still remember:
See Dick.
See Jane.
See Sally and Jane play.
See Jane look.
See Dick run and run and run.
Well, here's today's reading lesson.
See Joann.
See Joann garden.
See Jack mow.
See Joann look.
See Joann go.
Now see Jack run and run and run.
Comprehension question for this lesson. Why is Jack running? Because Jack has a little house rule. Joann, if you plant your flowers to close to the edge of the flowerbeds they will get mowed down when I mow and because Joann has a hard time following this rule when she has so little space and so many flowers to grow in a row. So Jack is mowing and Joann is going and if some flowers get clipped today, Jack will also be running and running away from Joann.
Reading lesson is now over. You can go outside kids and look at the Madonna lilies that grow up to six feet tall. Oh, and do lean in and take a wiff of that bottom lily blossom. That aroma is intense like very strong cheap perfume. Now don't get too close or you'll come away looking like a bee with a leg full of pollen.


fishing guy said...

J&J: What gopes up must come down, I learned from those books.

See Jack run
see Jack have fun
see flowers go
cut down in a row.

See Joann run
Jack still has fun
Jack gets away
to a better day.

See Joann cry
oh my oh my.
See flowers grow
back in a row.

June said...

Of course I remember, but thought there were too few kids (I had six siblings eventually, and they all read this thing!) and the house wasn't messy enough. Also, I thought the book was dull.
My daughter's older, very experienced first grade teacher had the kids read aloud from Winnie the Pooh; but they knew to quickly put it in the desks if the principal came in, because they were supposed to be reading Under the Apple Tree (similar "see Spot" book) Ever since I have loved that idea: of something innocuous and harder being forbidden.

judypatooote said...

LOL....great lesson, and I do remember the books....but at times I can't remember did I read them in school, or did I read them to my kids....time sometimes runs together....I love your lilies, I never saw them with a red center. When I worked at Franks nursery, we were told when we got in the Easter lilies to pinch off the yellow thinymagigs in the middle and the flower will last longer... so I had to go around with yellow fingers...for it always stained my fingers....I looked like a smoker... Hope you have some flowers left after Jacks mowing, and if not, I'll bet Jack is out of breath.....LOL judy