Monday, July 14, 2008

In My Opinion

In my opinion this cake was disappointing. (See last Friday's blog.) With 9 candy bars in the cake batter I was expecting an outstanding taste. But no, it was not an extraordinary taste. How would I describe it? To me it tasted like a box mix cake of German chocolate---especially with the texture and with the coconut. You could get the same taste for a lost less money and effort with a box of German chocolate cake mix and frosting.

And the frosting was not to my liking at all. Why? Because that bag of cut up marshmallows that you spread on the hot cake just removed from the oven made it very very difficult to cut this cake into serving pieces. It was like the melted marshmallows turned to rubber and you were cutting thru a rubber tire! Not easy. And it didn't add to the flavor of the cake---more like eating rubber! And in my opinion the separate layer of two cups of coconut was not the way to go either. That just made the top layer of icing very hard to spread. It would have been easier to put the coconut in the icing which would have made it more or less a German chocolate cake. Well, live and learn.

Now all the ladies did enjoy reading this book selection. Everyone described it as a really fun read. And there were some good recipes in the novel. I made for the meeting Pia's Crabbies and they were really good. And the recipe for Christmas Bourbon Balls was greaaaaaaaaaaaaat! You bit in and the bourbon flavor started out mild but kept building as you ate the ball. And by the time you finished you thought: wow! I just had a bourbon on the rocks!


Wanda said...

You set a beautiful table ~~ I think the cakes looks lovely. Love your color scheme, with the gold and red.

Did you send me an invitation??
(((just kidding))) (((smile)))

Melissa said...

Your table setting looks beautiful! That is disappointing when you go to the effort of making a cake like that and it's far from what you were expecting. It still looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Such an honest description and it turned out funny to read.

Your dining room looks like something from a movie set and not meant for real people.

I like your post today. Nice work.

fishing guy said...

Joan: You are so much like my wife and think what you make could always be better.

Anonymous said...

Back again...

I read the 10 comments people left in response to my thinking I would stop or quit posting on my Better Blog Writing blog. Then I felt bad. So I got some pictures I took this morning and arranged them on Better Blog Writing as a kind of continuation. Take a look and if it is something you can learn from then I will continue.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio