Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Lady of Sorrows Cake

Tonight I have the honor of hosting our neighborhood book club. I've decided to do a three course Italian sit down dinner for the eleven ladies coming plus yours truly: anti pasta, pasta (lasagna and salad and green beans) and dessert. Dessert will be Our Lady of (Drown Your) Sorrows Cake With Heavenly Frosting.
Yield: Enough For An Army. This cake recipe along with a few other recipes I'm planning to duplicate tonight are from the book up for discussion tonight: Rococo, by Adriana Trigiani, who is an author who grew up in southern Virginia but who now resides in New York City.The setting for this book is the New Jersey borough of Our Lady of Fatima on the Jersey shore. The narrator of the novel is the Duke of Decor on the Jersey Shore who makes this cake to drown his sorrows because of something Father Porporina has done to him at Our Lady of Fatima Church. So that's why I have the Blessed Virgin on my cake.
But just listen to what is in this cake. There are 3 Milky Way bars, 3 Three Musketeers Bars, 3 Snickers bars plus buttermilk, butter and shortening. I had to break my vow to not use Crisco to make this cake. And the frosting had a bag of marshmallow, a cup of pecans, 2 cups of shredded coconut and a pound of sugar plus butter and heavy cream. Maybe I should call the local fire and rescue department to be on alert in case any of us go into cardiac arrest from this high octane cholesterol cake.


fishing guy said...

Joann: Now that is a cake you could fill your stomach with, great choice.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! I can't wait!!

See you soon!


Melissa said...

That cake looks yummy and those ingredients sound heavenly! I'll have to check out the book, I'm reading a pretty good one right now called Paradise Fields.

Anonymous said...

I love cake and I think our Melissa is baking my favorite chocolate one for our get-together today. Your photo of your cake is excellent.

I hope you were able to recover from the 3 course Italian sit down dinner for eleven ladies.

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judypatooote said...

And I'll bet it's FAT FREE.....getting together for a book club sound exciting, but your dinner sounds even more exciting... enjoy! JUDY