Sunday, July 6, 2008

Score Another For The Deer

It was very still last night. No wind. None the less our heavy concrete flowerpot on the concrete pedestal got completely turned over last night. We suspect the deer came back from the golf course looking for the one hosta bloom that they had missed before. There may be a deer hoofing tonight on the gold course with a sprained ankle. Bambi, that 's what you get for going where you are not wanted. Now in the meantime we have moved the base of the pedestal to a new location. Right next to a thorny rose bush. Take that you deer. The concrete pot on top has been moved to our patio wall. See what I mean by the botanical play never being dull. (See other postings on botanical play under the heading Gardening.) Sometimes right in the middle of the play you have to do some major scene adjustment while the actors are performing. So this shot is history.

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fishing guy said...

J&J: It is a beautiful display, you have a great garden.