Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Alliteration

Hazy, hot and humid is a summer alliteration that I don't like for the local weather prognosticators to say. Hazy, hot and humid means stay inside to avoid the code orange and code red days. Our Cape Cod guests got lucky. After a week of hazy, hot and humid days we got a nice weekend for their Virginia stay.But since Monday morning we have been back in the hazy, hot and humid weather and we probably have another week of this horrific weather to endure. Here's my advice to folks who want to come to Virginia to enjoy our attractions. This is a very beautiful and historic state with lots to see and do, but if I were you , I would avoid the last two weeks of July and the first week of August when our state goes into what I call the dreaded dog days of summer. Hazy, hot and humid. Hazy, hot and humid. Hazy, hot and humid. If that weather forecaster says that line one more time, I'm going to start barking like a dog howling at the moon. On a lighter note I must admit my rosa rugosa roses seem to thrive on this hazy, hot and humid weather.

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