Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blizzard Update For Nicole

This Blizzard Update For Nicole From Russia, Ohio
Who Asked, "Can You Get Out Of The House?"
Answer: With Great Difficulty, But Not Really.
For one thing our snowblower croaked
before Jack could finish our drive.
See photos above and below.
And When Jack Downloaded A Manual From The Internet
He Learned That To Fix The Apparent Problem
Step One Is Get Rid Of All The Gas In Snowblower Tank.
Jack Just Filled The Tank Before The Snowstorm!
Scratch Clearing The Drive.
Scene at backdoor where the abdominal snowman (Jack)
appeared up to his thighs in snow
after refilling the birdfeeders.
Joann: Where am I going to put all this snow that he tracked on the wood floors?
Drats, drats, drats!
Scene At Front Door Where We Are Ignoring The Big Snowdrifts
Look to the left.
See the black plastic garbage bag over the square box.
We picked up our neighbor's delivery of quality steaks.
We hope the dry ice and real ice are keeping them good.
No room in our fridge or freezer for these unexpected visitors.
Check back in a little while.
I have more to write but I need a cup of coffee right now.

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: Are you trying to make an Ohio winter wonderland in your back yard.