Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Blizzard Update

Looked out my window
And what did I see
My Jackie Lee
Making a path to the birdseed.
Lift six shovels of heavy snow
Then take a standing break
In the winter afternoon glow
Cardiac arrest avoidance break!
Check this out.
That Ohio milkcan that is way over two feet tall
Is almost completely covered in snow.
And I'm not giving you a tall tale.
This is the way the snow fell.

The fairy godmother reaches in and finds the birdseed.
And fills all four birdfeeders.
Little birds, please listen up.
Fly down and give thanks to the birdfeeder godmother,
Jackie Lee.

I wonder as I wander down this cleared path
If the GDD's from the golf course
Will sniff out this path to the birdseed.
GDD's = Gosh Darn Deer
Looking for food in our yard.


ChrisJ said...

Ugh! It's so pretty to look at but just not part of my life!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: I did the same thing and used the deer tracks to get to the feeders. It mad shoveling easier but a crooked path.