Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Curling Is Strange Sport

Are you watching the curling events at the Winter Olympics? I surely think it is a strange sport. I first heard about curling when I was teaching in Germany at Frankfurt American School #1 and Mary DuPre who was French and from Minnesota told us teachers that curling is what you do in the winter in Minnesota. You go curling. Who knew? Not me or any of the other teachers so she had to give us a blow by blow account of how to curl your stones. Apparently this medieval sport originated in Scotland. The first curling events in the United States occurred outside of Detroit, Michigan. Curling is a late comer to the Winter Olympics since it just started in 1998.

One good thing about curling. No one can seriously get hurt doing the sport. Unlike the luge.

Oh, and guess who is sliding around on the kitchen floor on his back pretending he is a luge competitor? My grandson, little Jack! Except he can't say luge. He says wuge!

Grandma thinks this is adorable.

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