Monday, February 8, 2010

My World Tuesday = Virginia's Famous Montpellier

My World Tuesdays = Famous and Historic Virginia Homes
This Tuesday = James Madison's Montpelier

I'm getting tired of posting snow photos on my blog.
Plus Jack and I have been lucky enough to visit dozens of Virginia homes.
So for the near future for each My World Tuesday I'm going to
take you on a virtual road trip to a famous Virginia estate.
I'm starting off this series by going to James Madison's Montpelier because we have
seen the most change take place at this historic house. The first time our family went here the
house was much longer and the stuccoed home was painted hot pink. The DuPont family
had been the most famous 20'th century owners of this home and this had been the
scene of the Orange County Foxhunt for many years.

On our first visit the home still had the DuPont family furniture on display since several
of the DuPont relatives were contesting the will that stated that the estate should be
returned to the era of President James Madison. Eventually the contested will was settled, the DuPont wings were removed as well as the hot pink stucco covering the brick.

See the three windows above the front entrance. This is where James Madison studied as a youth and where he wrote his famous Bill of Rights for the Constitution.

Both the front and back of the home have lovely pillared porches with sweeping views
of the estate's land and the surrounding countryside.

Under the pink stucco was all this lovely Georgian brick that was created right here on
the property for the home. In James Madison's time this home was a duplex. His parents lived on one side and James and Dolly lived on the other side.
Note the impressive dental work moulding outlining the trim on the home.

Lions, daylilies and boxwood are showcased in the formal gardens.

Can you picture Dolley and James Madison strolling thru the gardens
with the flowers in bloom?
Hope you enjoyed your tour. Now visit some other My World Tuesday memes


Sylvia K said...

Marvelous tour and photos of such an interesting and historical place! Thanks for the visit and the information -- it makes the photos all the more beautiful! Have a great week!


J Bar said...

Great shots.
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