Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do You Have Fresh Snow?

Do You Have Fresh Snow?
We Do!
Photography Taken At 8:00 A.M. Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Punxatawney Phil Did You Send Us This Snow
Just To Prove That You Did See You Shadow Yesterday?
Queen of the Cardinals On Top Of Birdfeeder Stand.
She's A Lady.
A Pretty Lady.
The Snow Is Fresh and Pristine.
The Birds Have Only Made A Few Openings On The Railing.

A Male Cardinal Has Just Landed On A Holly.
Not A Good Day For Food And Wine On The Patio.

Another Cardinal Waiting Patiently For Food Under The Birdfeeder.
I Put This Table Here To Deter The GDD's From Golf Course From Taking Over The Birdfeeder.
Gosh, Darn Deer!
The View of The Southwestern Yard.
Not Your Idea of Southwestern Yard?
Well, This Is Virginia.
This Is Not Arizona.

After A Snowstorm I Run To Check Out The Birdfeeders and Trees.
In The Distance I Can See Dickie's Birdfeeders and Trees.
Look Below To See What Jack Checks Out After The Snowstorm.
Yep, He Is Making Sure That Our New $10,000 Carrier Is Still Working Properly
With The Snow And Ice.

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