Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Updates: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Monday: Trip to Lake Manassas Cancer Center For CBC Blood Work
Even the main thoroughfare like state routes #15, #29 and Heathcote Blvd.
would suddenly go from two lanes to one lane with no turn lane!
Streets in subdivisions: many have not been cleared of snow.
No above ground Metro and VRE Trains.
No bus service.
Many D.C. federal workers travel in from far places like
Winchester, VA and Frederichsburg, VA
and without above ground Metro and VRE Train service
the federal government has ground to a halt.

When you get to an intersection you need to be extra careful.
The intersections have snow piled up to 5-7 feet which makes
looking out for cars sliding from the other direction a danger.
Especially if you are in a low Honda and a big old truck or suv
is sliding thru the intersection.
Here's another example of a bad intersection with a lost turn lane.
At least we had beautiful sunshine and blue skies on Monday.
Tuesday: Six Hour Chemo Section at the Lake Manasas Cancer Center
Yours truly's shoes are proped up on the recliner.
Gentleman across the way is wearing his Redskins Sweatshirt.
I'm so happy the Saints won the Super Bowl!
I watched part of the parade on Bourbon St. on CNN Tuesday nite!
The photo of Drew Brees and his one year old son after the win is a classic!

View of the snow in the parking lot at the cancer center.
I saw lots of snow plows, salt trucks and emergency vehicles go down state route #29.

Wednesday, 8:00 A.M. : Today's Chemo Session Canceled Because of the Blizzard Conditions
View from our back door.
Icicles reforming along gutters.
Jack had knocked them down once yesterday.

Icicles forming on the wreath on my back door.
All windows in the house glazed with a mixture of ice and freezing snow.

My wreath on the front door has a new dusting of snow.

This view is from an upstairs bedroom in our home.
That icicle is about 3 feet long.
Here's another icicle that is about 2 feet long.
They are forming along the gutters which indicate that we have some snow dams
forming on the roof.
Hope they don't get worse.
Everyone is now aware of roof cave-ins in the greater D.C. metro area.
Fairfax County: Two fire station roofs have caved in.
D.C. Two churches have caved in.
Culpeper County: a barn has caved in.
Erinblair Loop: our neighbor's iron trellis holding up her wisteria vine got so heavy with
snow that the whole thing came crashing down even though the iron trellis had
been buried in concrete!

I'll do another update of our blizzard around noon today.
Stay safe and stay inside if you are in the D.C. Metro area.

Final thought: the only thing I can compare this to is the Thanksgiving Blizzard of
1950 in Ohio that was the worst snow storm in Ohio history. My father Leo Gariety
went to pick up my brother Paul Gariety from Camp Atterbury in Indiana for Thanksgiving Dinner and never made it home. Thankfully my brother Harold Gariety was home to help us milk the cows and do the feeding. My father showed up
on Saturday without Paul. He took him back to Camp Atterbury after spending the night in an unknown farmer's home.

Want more info on the worst snow storm in Ohio, then do
an internet search for this topic: Severe Weather in Ohio.
This site will tell you all about this storm as well as all other severe weather to
hit Ohio like the Xenio Tornado of 1974.

10:40 A.M. Local TV News reporting that the Smithsonian's warehouse in Maryland has
collasped because of the roof caving in this morning. Millions of historic artifacts not currently on display in any of the Smithsonian Museums on the mall are now in
danger of being destroyed by snow and water damage.
5:30 P.M. Snow Blizzard Update
The snow stopped around noon but the blowing and drifting of the snow continued constantly till around 5:00 P.M. Now the gusts are coming at a slower pace.
I think Maryland got more snow than Virginia. However, Washington D.C. has set a new snow record. The most snow to ever fall in one season. It has broken a record set wait back in the winter of 1898-99.
So this is a very historic storm to see in our lifetime here in the D.C. metro area.

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