Friday, February 12, 2010

Washington Nationals Pitcher in Russia, Ohio!

News Flash: Washington Nationals Pitcher, Craig Stammen, who graduated from Versailles High School in Versailles, Ohio gave a pitching class to the students of Russia Local School. For more good info on this event go to the address below to read story and see pics.

It is on the famous Fish Report:

The publisher of the Fish Report is Craig Feissinger, a Russia, Ohio resident who started the report in 2004. Locals use it for news happenings as well as former Russia, Ohio residents who now live out of state and want to keep us with the happenings in dear old Roo-shee. I know Craig because he is married to the daughter of the Russia family that used to rent my father's brick ranch farmhouse on Miller Rd. south of Russia.

Final Thought: my late brother Harold Gariety who pitched for Russia Local High School's baseball team and for the army's Black Knights baseball team in Sendai, Japan in the fifties would have been thrilled to witness this event.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joann: Love the name, but I didn't see any fishing related post.

Michael and Amber said...

That is so exciting! Mike and I LOVE baseball and are super excited that pitchers and catchers are reporting this week :)