Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY

Cooperstown, New York which is all decked out with American flags and big balls of red begonias looks like Main Street in DisneyWorld Florida. there are tourists walking the street and tour buses parked on sidestreets nearby. We saw lots of parents with children in tow heading to the museum and lots of little league baseball teams traveling as a group with their parents to visit Cooperstown's famous Baseball Hall of Fame.
This beautiful three story turn of the century home was on the market. Would you like to buy it?

Here was another grand home in the town.

Jack and I arrived hungry in Cooperstown so we started a visit to the city with a stop at a local restaurant that served Old Slugger beer and ....

.......hotdogs and chips. What else can you order when you are in a famous American baseball setting.

July 25, 2010 the above three baseball players (Dawson, Harvey and Herzog) were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame along with about seven other folks connected with baseball.

Here's the front entrance of the Baseball Hall of Fame where we purchased out tickets. We got a double discount for being seniors and AAA members.

I love Yogi Berra. He is my favorite baseball player of all time.There is lots of information to read about each baseball team and each player because baseball is a game of statistics. If you were a true baseball nut you could easily spend hours here. Jack and I who are not baseball nuts covered the museum in about an hour and that included dodging lots of kids and teenage boys.
Of course there were several statues of the Babe!

Harry Thobe I guess was an ardent fan from Oxford, Ohio. I just had to take a picture of this write up because I know a lot of Thobes in Ohio since my sister's husband is Jerry Thobe. Also, Oxford, Ohio is home to my college, Miami University of Ohio.

Statues of courageous men: Lou Gehring, Babe Ruth and Roberto Clemente

I shot this picture of a jewelry case that shows the various club rings the world series of baseball winners get to wear indicating that they were a member of a winning baseball world series.

Had to take this photo for my son-in-law from Cape Cod.

Had to take this photo because Jack's father and family lived in St. Louis.

Had to take this photo for my relatives in Ohio. In this photo Pope John Paul is receiving a baseball shirt from Marge Shotte who at that time was the notorious owner of the Cincinnati Reds.

Pete Rose, because of gambling on baseball will most likely never be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame but that does not mean that his name and jersey and bat and photo are not there.
See below.

They have these various plaques for statistics for all time and active players. Here is where Pete Rose heads the all time hits list. What is interesting is that during baseball season someone must go around daily to update these records as more hits are made by the current players. And of course they must have computers storing all this data.

Below is the one thing Pete Rose doesn't have but still yearns to have at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

A bronze plaque like this one for Cal Ripken Jr. that indicates that he has been inducted into
The Baseball Hall of Fame.
To learn more about the Baseball Hall of Fame go here:

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Denise said...

I remember this place well so your post has brought back a lovely memory of a trip there a few years ago. Fun to look around the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the surrounding area was so pretty. Thanks Joann.
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