Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Part VII

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Part VII
Guided Tour of Chateau Frontenac Hotel
The busy main lobby

This photo shows some of the green copper roof of the hotel and
a courtyard that has the hotel chef's herb garden.
Edible nasturniums in bloom

Bee hives for Chateau Frontenac Hotel honey
A typical bedroom

The guide explained how the various sections of the hotel was built.
The high middle section was built after most of the outer walls were built.
And the last section built was done recently and consisted of an indoor pool and spa.
This was to keep the hotel's five star rating.
The famous rose salon that Winston Churchill used during World War II.

A crystal chandelier in the Rose Salon

Churchill and FDR

The mezzanine

Original 1930's furniture

The grand ballroom with crystal chandeliers.
Each chandelier now worth over $45,000.

Last window is actually a door to bring cars and large objects into the ballroom.

Orchestra pit on the balcony of the grand ballroom

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