Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hummingbird Videos

Hummingbird Videos

One shows a hummingbird at the feeders. One shows one hummingbird chasing another hummingbird away from the feeders.

Click on black triangles above.


Aksharaa said...

Hi, we found you in 'Skywatch'.
What a lovely garden you have. No wonder the birds come to hum there!!!
Love those lampshades...very pretty.

love from A and wags from Buddy n Ginger

Denise said...

I enjoyed the video's Joann. Hummingbirds are so neat. Have you seen the new Nature program on Hummingbirds? I am going to be adding it to my collection soon I think.

Melinda said...

lovely little birds aren't they? I see on your bookshelf you are reading a couple of books by Mitch Albom...have you ever read his "For One More Day" ?? I just did and it was an amazing read...really makes you think about so many things....(love your music you have here too!)