Sunday, August 8, 2010

Montreal, Quebec, Canada Part II

Montreal, Quebec, Canada Part II

Chateau Ramezay on Rue de Notre-Dame


The Changing of the Guard

Drummers wait while the bagpipers warmup by blowing a few notes in a certain low key.

Note the colorful plaid kilts and jackets.

Swords are slung over the pipers backs.

I liked the colorful knee socks,

Polished buckled black shoes

This piper has a French beret on his head.

The plaid stands for what Scotish clan?

How many pipes does a bagpipe have?

Chateau Ramezay's drawing room

War and Peace

This tool is both a hatch and a peacepipe!

The formal garden behind Chateau Ramezay

The boxwood surrounding the flowerbeds smelled delicious.

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