Thursday, August 12, 2010

What To Eat In Canada

What To Eat In Canada
For breakfast how about eggs Benedict?
For main meal how about steak, salad and French fries?

For a light meal how about an onion/anchovy pizza?

For one dessert how about rich chocolate pie with Grand Marnier chocolate sauce?

For second dessert how about creme brule?

For a light lunch how about creme of asparagus soup?

For a hearty big Canadian breakfast how about a ham stuffed omelet, fruit and toasted French bread?

And for the third dessert how about a small chocolate souffle

or a chocolate covered French crepe?

Care to try spicy watermelon soup?

Look at this:
Thai style fish and sticky rice.

Look what we found in Ottawa: Obama Cookies!
I bet you wouldn't find them in Russia, Ohio.

My favorite French food is a chocolate croissant with a cafe au lait

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