Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Part II

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Part II
Scenes Of Upper Town

Old walls leading to a courtyard cafe

View from terrace of our loft apartment rental
The copper roofs of Chateau Frontenac Hotel and St. Lawrence River
Sacred War Memorial in Upper Town
Priest in white robe ready to conduct Saturday night mass
Old buildings in Upper Town of Quebec City
Flower boxes
Giant woodpecker sign
Stairs and shops
Cafe of the Frisky Bunny
More flowers and shops in Upper Town of Quebec City
Government building and square used for band performances
Beautiful hotel sign
Beautiful window boxes
Rue St. Jean Gate to walled city of Quebec City's Upper Town
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Part I
The Lower Town
View of Chateau Frontenac Hotel That is
Above in the Upper Town
Funiculaire that takes residents and tourist from Lower Town to Upper Town
Jack and I ate lunch at this cafe in the Lower Town
Streets scenes of Lower Town
Lots of steps to climb if you don't use the funicular
Carriage horses in lower town near the port where cruise ships and car ferries dock
There goes a ferry down the St. Lawrence River
View of lower town taken from window of funiculaire compartment

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Lesley said...

I love Quebec City but it has been years since I was there. Your photos are enticing me to go back!