Thursday, February 21, 2008

#1 Virginia Tourist Site ????

Take a look at the following tourist sites in the state of Virginia. Which one is the number one tourist attraction in our state? I will give you the answer tomorrow. If you want, you can vote by leaving me a comment below.

Arlington Cemetery
Colonial Williamsburg
Virginia Beach Seashore
George Washington's Mount Vernon
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
James Madison's Montpelier
Old Town Alexandria
The Smithsonian's New Air and Space Museum at Dulles Airport
Jamestown Settlement
The Confederate White House in Richmond
The Virgina Military Institute
The University of Virginia
Manassas Civil War Battlefield


Jenn K said...

I have a guess, but mostly because of your e-mail to me. I think this is a trick question and your answer isn't any of the sites listed. Am I right? I'm thinking of a shopping place.

Jack and Joann said...

Dear Daughter, yes, you are right. You know me too well, you little stinker. Give Baby Jack a hug and kiss for me.

judypatooote said...

Hi Joann....thanks for stopping by my sight.....the glass castle was truly a book to keep you reading.... and it was funny and almost unbelievable.....

Now to vote on MY favorite VA tourist sites it would have to be Colonial has such great memories for me and my two girls.....for my daughter Lori, Linda and my two granddaughters Alison and Jenson and I tagged along we went for probably 5 years in a row....until my granddaughter Alison passed away with cancer....she was 17 when she passed away, and we went until she was Ali and Jensi would dress all up in Falicity dresses every year and walk around town like they were part of it....Jensi would ask questions of the characters and sit and talk with was so cute....I feel so fortunate to be able to have shared that with them....for now jensi is 15.....someday we would like to all go back for a visit....but I know it won't be the same...some people would wonder why we went back to the same place all the time, but we really did always find something new to do....we stayed at the lodge.....well again thanks for stopping in, and stop back... by the way your grandkids are adorable....and I never heard of pea popcicles or applesauce ones... but I'll have to look into that, for my grandson Sammy just turned one.....see ya, judy

Jack and Joann said...

Thanks Judy. I enjoy visiting your blogs. And I know you are from Ohio. Dare I ask where in general--north, south, east or west. I grew up in Shelby County and I went to Miami University in Oxford.