Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank You Note

Jack and I want to thank Jennifer and Terry for giving us the tickets to High School Musical which is currently playing at the National Theater in Washington D.C. This was an extra Christmas present for the two of us. Yesterday it was 72 degrees in D.C. so we went in light jackets. It was so warm that downtown D.C. cafes were serving people outside last night! Amazing weather. I am afraid that a cool front has moved in today and we should be in the forties by the time Sunday is here. There were lots of little girls at this musical. Every mom was there with a daughter between the ages of 4 and 14 on a weekday night. I guess everyone did their homework early. This was a Disney production so it left you feeling upbeat. I liked the basketball dance numbers the best. At the Vienna metro we noticed Obama campaigners holding signs to vote for Obama in next Tuesday's primary. We didn't see anyone campaigning for any of the other candidates. Apparently this shows that Obama has the money and the momentum. I don't know who I will vote for next Tuesday.
I better start thinking. I do know this---I'm not telling anyone whom I'm voting for. I think voting should be a rather private event. By the way they are calling this the Potomac Primary or the Chesapeake Primary. The entire D.C. area will be voting: Maryland, Virginia and D.C.


Jenn K said...

Glad that you liked it! Did you feel weird that you didn't have a little girl in tow?

Jack and Joann said...

Just a tad. But something funny happened that reminded me of Jeanine. In a heated moment a character asks "Did you lie?" And this little girl in the audience yells out "Yes!" Reminds me of when we took you two girls to a children's play. Jeanine was just two and a half and she got really mad at the evil witch and she kept yelling out "You bad witch!" Your Dad had to take her out of the theater.