Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thank You Jenn and Terry

Jenn and Terry gave my husband for his birthday tickets to the Virginia Wine Showcase being held at one of the pavilons at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly. In addition Jenn bought a ticket for herself to the showcase to be our designated driver. So yesterday morning we got dressed and Jenn and Baby Jack showed up in our driveway to transport us to and from the event. As we were driving in Jenn mentioned that that a gun show was taking place at the other pavilon at the Dulles Expo Center. Sure enough we saw lots of men and boys lined up to get into the gun show. The NRA was giving away free tickets to the show if you joined the NRA at their table by the entrance. Seemed like lots of folks were joining the NRA. Quite a contrast line at the wine pavilon: lots of women and lots of couples. (Only saw two women in the gun show line.) My thought on this contrast: I don't think guns and wine drinking mix well so I hope the wine drinkers stay in their pavilon and the gun toters stay in their pavilon. In the meantime finding a place to park was simply impossible with all these people so we resorted to driving off the lot and parking on a side street and hoofing it back to the show.

Now for the wine showcase. There were over forty Virginia wineries featured at the show and this is how it worked. After you verified that you were 21 or older you were issued a blue wristband and given a wine glass. So then you made your way from one wine booth to another where you sampled your choices of wine by grape and color. In addition there were lots of food, wine accessories, jewelry and craft exhibit booths. The showcase also featured seminars on wine appreciation, pairing wine with chocolate and the growth of the Virginia wine industry. In addition the wine showcase featured a classical guitarist and a blogging cafe!

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