Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ohio Queen

My great niece Hillary was selected the 2007-2008 Homecoming Queen for Russia Local High School in Russia, Ohio, my home town. And Hillary is the daughter of my niece, Darlene, who is also my godchild. The paternal grandparents are Paul and Iona of Russia. Are you one of those confused souls who can't figure out why a high school homecoming is in the winter instead of the fall? Well, that is because some high schools in the midwest are too small to have a homecoming connected to the fall football season (no football team) so they connect it to the winter basketball season. Which also puts more emphasis on basketball in the midwest. The tri-state area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky is totally mad for basketball. Our best wishes go out to to Hillary and the rest of the 2007-2008 Homecoming Court of Russia Local High School in Russia, Ohio. Click on the photos for a larger and sharper image. And move arrow buttons to left and right to see the entire court if you enlarge the group photo.

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