Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Have A Bad Case of Spring Fever

Now that I have survived my bout with a cold I now have a bad case of spring fever. Last week the groundskeepers came around and raked up pine needles and edged the beds and prepared for fresh mulch later this spring. My husband and I are very lucky in that part of our one half acre property is not maintained by us but by the homeowners' association. That is because our one side yard backs to a main street at the front of the community and the community installed the landscape and now maintains it. This includes mulching both spring and fall, mowing and irrigating in the summer and leaf blowing and leaf removal in the fall. When I look outside my window I see them working while I am enjoying my cup of tea. I feel like a queen in her castle watching her servents.
However, I do wonder about these very hard working groundskeepers. All of them look Hispanic and I wonder if they are here legally or illegally. The county that we live in is making headlines in the national news over its new restrictions on illegal immigrants. Well, I have digressed from what I had originally wanted to say and that is I have spring fever! I can't wait to get outside on a nice warm spring day to edge beds and fertilize plants. I have already raked up the leaves that were in the beds. I did leave some leaves in out of the way places for the birds for nest building purposes. For example, the purple finches use the leaves of my Japanese maple for their nests. Last year we ended up with a nest of baby finches in a nest in the wreath on my back door! What great fun it was to watch the activity in that bird nursery. Of course to keep the birds from having nightmares I had to limit my home exits to the front door for about three weeks. I think Jack has spring fever too. He took our lawnmower in to be serviced last week.

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