Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Musings 2/26/08

#1 This February is flying by. Each week brings another primary or another award show or another race like the Daytona 500.

#2 Speaking of races, I guess there is a new dog in the race to the White House. Or maybe I should say old dog. I think Ralph Nader is 74. Here's my thought for the day: if Nader lives to be 100, will he still be running for president?

#3 Is is possible to get through the winter without getting either A. a cold or B. the flu? Both Jack and I have have endured a solid week with a bad cold. And now the flu bug has hit our daughter's family. I've decided that this is what I don't like about winter. It is the season for colds and the flu.

#4 Inspite of everything looking to the contrary, spring is just around the corner. During yesterday's drive across Prince William County I noticed many trees developing a haze of color around their branches indicating I think that the buds are growing bigger and getting ready to burst forth in several weeks. And last week I noticed yellow forsythia in bloom in Arlington.

#5 Another sign of spring approaching---the robins are back and checking out the lawns for worms and grubs.

#6 I'm either getting too old or else the Academy Award Show was a bust this year. Jack watched it. I went off to bed. Boring. And am I the only person who is getting tired of the preshow red carpet fashion business? Frankly I don't care who you are wearing in the dress and jewels department. Just pick up your bridal train and move on!

#7 The TV media is playing up tonight's Democratic debate like it will be the super bowl of Democratic presidential debates. And in the meantime Cleveland, Ohio is due to get more snow and ice. What the TV media hasn't reported is that many Ohioans have already voted for their favorite candidate be it Democrat or Republican. I know some of my relatives already have done so. I tend to wait till the actual day of voting. I guess I always think that something could occur news wise that might change my vote.

#8 Next February will seem dull in comparison to this February and all the
presidential campaigning. And is Romney throwing his hat in the ring for the second time? I don't know. I just read something to that effect on the internet. I know, I know. Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

#9 The Washington Post just ran a story on the return of guess what, bed bugs. Holy crap they are back! People are picking the little fellows up in motel and hotel rooms and bringing them home in or on their luggage.
And the cure for bed bugs is a turn in your dryer. I don't think I could get my kingsize bed into my dryer though.

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