Saturday, February 23, 2008

#1 Virginia Tourist Sight

As my daughter's comment on the last post suggested, I had posted a trick question. None of the tourist attractions listed in the previous blog post is the number one tourist sight in the state of Virginia. Drum Roll Please. Believe it or not this is the correct answer. The number one tourist sight in the state of Virginia is an indoor discount shopping mall located in eastern Prince William County. The mall is called Potomac Mills. I've posted a photo of one of the long corridors. This mall is all one story with no elevators or escalaters or elevated crosswalks. Wear your walking shoes because you will literally walk miles from one end to the other. Hard to believe that people arrive on buses to shop here. We never go there on the weekends because it is so crowded with shoppers looking for bargains on Guess, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Nordstroms, 5'th Avenue, etc. But guess what? I left my diamond ring at Zales to be repaired. Every time I pass a Zales I go in and get my diamond cleaned. Well, this week Zales noticed that some of the prongs on my diamond had worn down and I was in danger of losing my diamond. So the diamond is in the repair shop. I should get it back next week. How old is my diamond? 34 years old last month. Wow, time flies. My husband Jack purchased the diamond while home from Germany to attend an Army Audit training conference at Fort Monroe outside Richmond, Virginia.

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