Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bump and Thump

Just had to post this. This morning we have been having a lot of bird dogging around here. First, we heard a bump and noticed some type of hawk landing on the railing by our breakfast room. I grabbed the digital camera and shot a couple of photos. This bird checked out both of our bird feeders and landed on the rod iron fence rail as well. I don't know what kind of hawk it is. I know that it is not a red-tailed hawk. Ten minutes later we heard a thump and noticed that a crazy mockingbird had flown into the breakfast room window and just about knocked itself out before flying off leaving feathers still attached to our window. Now that is just bird crazy.
Click on each picture to see the hawk closeup.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is not a red-tailed hawk or a red-shouldered hawk. It is probably a Coopers Hawk. I say probably because its tail looks almost square on the end and that would make it a Sharp-shinned Hawk. But I can't see the front of its legs and if I could then it would have sharp shins or you can see them really plain and they are not fat like a chicken leg in that lower area.

Since Coopers and Sharp-shinned are very similar and experts have problems telling them apart, you could safely call it a Coopers Hawk.

I am guessing it is a Coopers Hawk but maybe a Sharpie. Nice photo. They are a lot of them around right now. We got a lot of ice here on top of snow so they are hungry and looking for places where birds are feeding to get a quick meal.

Nice photos.

June said...

This is so GREAT! I know he is an evil predator (I think Cooper's, too.) but golly gee, how clse were you???